The latest news and updates from NOLA Float Tanks

3 Reasons People Give for NOT Floating

This week we address some most common issues for those of you who have been thinking about trying out the

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What to Wear in the Float Tank?

This week we answer one the most frequently asked questions we receive @NOLAFloat. To answer ...

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Meditation Made Easy!

A Guide to Meditation

  Does peace of mind always seem like the next Friday away? You may be stuck...

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How Often Should I Float?

Customers often ask us how often they should float. For first time floaters, the general recommendation is 1x/week for their first month to all...

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How to get the most out of your float

At NOLA Float Tanks, our mission is simply to help you relax. We are certified through the Health Department to maintain hot tubs, spas, and jacuzz...

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Water filtering: reverse osmosis

Being the south's leading float spot all starts with our water. We only use 100% pure Reverse Osmosis water, which is cleaned using a three-step fi...

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Memberships now offered

You can now become a member of Nola Float Tanks — the South's leading float spot! Regular memberships start at $100 per month for single use duri...

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Salts and classes now available

Good news! You can now buy your very own salts from Louisiana's leading float tank center! We offer a variety of salts for purchase in store, and w...

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Float like the Dead Sea: Services and Salts available now!

Salt baths are in! For years, studies have shown the benefits of a diet that includes certain salts. But did you know bathing i...

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