Meditation Made Easy!

A Guide to Meditation


Does peace of mind always seem like the next Friday away?

You may be stuck in a cycle of rat-race slowly stealing hours, days, and weeks from your life.

You can break this cycle!

Mindful practice, a little organization, and floating* are great ways to interrupt these patterns!

Why live for the weekend when your whole life can be a vacation?

*For a full description of float tanks, click here.

How To

Floating can help serve as an introduction to meditation because it helps one connect to the practice with limited distractions.

Float tanks are designed to trick your body into thinking it’s asleep! The sound-free atmosphere will help quiet the mind from racing thoughts and the fast paced attitudes typical of city living.

Floating weightlessly in 800lbs of salt water allows a range of thoughts, motions, and emotions not possible while in more restricted environments.

With their minds slowed down to a near sleep-state, floaters can tap into creative solutions to help heal the mind, the body, and the soul.


Picture your brain as an internet browser.

If the first tabs that are open are back pain, deadlines, and low energy you are taking up valuable processing power for the tasks that need your focused attention.

Eliminate this voice in your head by decreasing its strength over time.

Mediation can be tricky but you do it all the time without knowing what to call it!

Floating puts a name to this feeling and allows deeper stages of recognition.

Here’s how:

While floating, users can expect to experience a flood of mental processes typical of “monkey mind.”

For once…over-thinking is a GOOD thing!

Practice “watching” these thoughts, paying special attention to those that pop up first.

These thoughts are tools for understanding thinking patterns and must be dealt with first in order to achieve peace of mind outside of the tank.

This should take 10-15 minutes float time (the first 5-10 are for getting situated).

Initially it may seem like thinking is the opposite of what you want to accomplish in the tank but we are taking steps to re-wire your brain for critical thinking.

Until you can finally let go and relax, these wandering problems you have created will prevent peace of mind.

DO NOT be confused!

This IS meditating!!


Take the middle minutes of your float session to run through possible solutions to your problems in order to figure out which actions will produce the best results.

Float tanks are the perfect places to work through and discover issues you may not have known were bothering you.


Sitting for prolonged periods compresses your spine and blocks your ability to meditate and think creatively.

Float tanks are unlike other methods of meditating in that they provide a safe place for your body to be at ease.

Remember those mental tabs we discussed earlier?

Floating alleviates symptoms caused by gravity and frees your mind of physical discomfort.

Tight body = limited mind.

By lying in the salty solution of a float tank, one can finally feel comfortable in their own skin.

For more stretches and more information on how to practice BODY meditation in the float tank—get our FREE Float Yoga book!

This section is not for everyone.

Getting in touch with your soul can be a scary but rewarding experience–achievable only after you have quieted the mind.

As such, we have removed a large portion that is not for typical readers. If you are fortunate to have these ideas resonate with you, and would like to find out more detailed information, the full version can be accessed HERE.

It has been said that the eyes are the window of the soul.

Have you ever met someone that had trouble looking you in the eye?

Barring disabilities, this characteristic is typical of people lying to themselves either unconsciously or intentionally.

Compare this with someone who has that twinkle in their eyes- full of LIFE!

These individuals gaze with purpose and their posture reflects confidence.
What you perceive is someone living out their truth.

Floating helps to dig pass surface distractions and to get in you touch with the your own personal truths.

To find out how to access these truths in more HERE