How to get the most out of your float

At NOLA Float Tanks, our mission is simply to help you relax. We are certified through the Health Department to maintain hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis, and our staff is trained with an operational knowledge of our filtration system to ensure that you have no safety or health concerns whatsoever! If you want the best floating experience possible, follow these tips:

  • Before your float, be sure to eat a small meal — just enough so that you are not distracted by hunger.  Also, don’t shave within six hours before floating.
  • If you have trouble with racing thoughts, you may want to bring some relaxing sounds such as ocean waves, binaural beats, or even a guided meditation to listen to while you float.
  • While floating, put your hands over your head. Most first-time floaters tend to fight the water and brace themselves on the sides of the tank. Instead, we recommend that you put your hands over your head, loose and relaxed. The salt content of the water allows you to float with no effort.
  • Finally, relax! Breathe slowly and don’t worry about how long you’ve been in the tank. As you become more experienced, you will find it easier to surrender to the moment and enjoy your float!