Float like the Dead Sea: Services and Salts available now!

Salt baths are in!

For years, studies have shown the benefits of a diet that includes certain salts. But did you know bathing in them can be great for you as well? People have been bathing in the Dead Sea over centuries for its unique therapeutic effect on the body!

This week, we go in-depth to understand more about this practice.

Commercial Dead Sea Salt is mostly acquired from the mud in and around the lake. For thousands of years, travelers have spread this gray/black mud on their skin for its therapeutic benefits. This salt’s mineral composition is far more complex than the sodium chloride you sprinkle on your eggs in the morning.

27% of Dead Sea water is composed of salts (compared to 3% in regular ocean water). Extra magnesium, potassium, calcium, and bromides in those salts help to relieve stress, strengthen bones and nails, increase circulation, and provide relief from allergic reactions. The minerals in Dead Sea Salts also help to balance lymphatic fluids, which in turn improves overall immune function and improves the body’s ability to detoxify itself!


At Nola Float Tanks, we provide the opportunity to benefit from these minerals by being Louisiana’s only 24 hour float tank specialists. Our tanks are designed and maintained to give you a relaxing experience while the salts go to work healing your skin and your body. All of the water in our tanks is purified through reverse osmosis, and is therefore in its purest form possible. We maintain a salt level in the water that, like the waters of the Dead Sea, lets you float effortlessly.

Michael, a recent customer, has actually been to the Dead Sea and says the effect on his skin was the most noticeable similarity our tanks bare to the ancient lake —

“When I went to the Dead Sea, I was stunned by how amazing the water felt. I swam at night, so the water was never far from my body temperature. So dense because of all the salt, the water was more like a mattress. After a while of floating, I could hardly even tell I was in water. I felt like I was just floating. When I eventually got out, my skin was noticeably softer–even richer. All my little cuts and scrapes were smaller, as if the salt had been busy repairing my skin while I was relaxing. That’s what first drew me to NOLA Float Tanks–I wanted to experience the water like that again. They don’t disappoint. I’ve only done it twice, but I can’t wait for my next float.”

We at NOLA Float Tanks strongly believe in the power of soaking in Dead Sea salts. We include them in our float tanks and recommend bathing in our special take-home blends to relax, detoxify, and treat diseases such as psoriasis1. For treatment of illnesses, we recommend adding two pounds of Dead Sea salt to a lukewarm bath2, as this much is necessary to start changing the skin’s chemistry. The temperature of a healing bath should only be about 2 degrees warmer than the temperature of your body. Hot bath water forces the skin to expel instead of absorb, causing the body’s elimination of these minerals.

We carry sample and bulk weights of these salts! If you want to use salt baths on a regular basis to maintain good health, it is not necessary to use 2 pounds of salt–usually two handfuls will suffice. This is enough salt to feed the body with minerals and maintain boisterous good health. The salts are also great for easing tight or sore muscles or for simply relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience!

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