3 Reasons People Give for NOT Floating

This week we address some most common issues for those of you who have been thinking about trying out the float tank but still have some reservations about the experience.

No matter what your fear is, we can assure them here @NOLAFloatTanks.

The 3 Most Common Reasons people give for NOT getting into a float tank

  1. The dark (unknown)
  2. Being closed in
  3. Not knowing what to do

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1 – Light Button

Our tanks are equipped with Light Button features. This eases entry in and out of the tanks.

If you are uncomfortable at first, leave that that light on until you get settled in.

Sure, the experience is supposed to be sensory deprivation, but if you are floating in 800lbs of saltwater you are already a rebel, aren’t you?

2 – Leave the Door Open

People with Claustrophobia consistently report having no problems closing the doors of our tanks, and usually end up being some of our best customers!

Once you relax in the tank, it’s hard to tell where your body ends and where the water begins. For more information on how and why that happens, check out our previous blog, “What do I Wear in the Tank?”

The main point being, once you adjust to the experience it’s hard to tell if it’s 2 inches from the side of the unit..or 2 miles.

If you’re still unsure, leave the door open for a few minutes until you feel more comfortable.

3 – Listen to Music

I know I’m going to catch heat for this one.

Cardinal sin of a float tank, right? Isn’t it supposed to be quiet??

Sometimes it can be too quiet.

If the pace of your breathing or your heart rate is distracting you in the tank, we recommend listening to calming meditation, ambient noise such as ocean waves.


The unknown, can be scary. We agree and we empathize…

That’s why we have taken measures to make the adjustment as seamless as possible.

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Because if let simmer long enough, the three biggest fears: (1) the dark, (2) being closed in, and (3) the quiet can prevent people from having a powerful healing experience.

Fortunately, @NOLAFloat, clients can: (1) Leave the light on in the tank the entire visit, (2) Leave the door open the entire visit, and (3) Listen to their preferred choice of music at a reasonable volume as to not disturb their fellow floaters.

Agree or Disagree?

Did we break too many rules in this week’s blog?
Let us know by commenting how you enjoy floating the most or by posting your favorite playlist below!